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What do our members say?

"Playdates has become my social bible! All of my kids' playgroup and social engagement are now on one, easy to manage calendar... and the fact that we can give each family-friendly activity a star rating means that it's us mums making the recommendations for each other."

Lynn Sainval

"I would like to congratulate the founders of Playdates on a wonderful concept and wish them every success as the site develops to include us Aunties and Grand-Mummies. Fantasticc!!!"

Deb Steele

"I wish there was something like this when my children were young"

Barbera Fowler – Creator/

"The best thing about playdates is that I can share my business and gain new friends. I have shared from experiences I have had with other parents and got advice myself, loving the site x"

Nicola Buckwell

"Over the past 2 months, it’s been great meeting new mums who each have brought interesting parenting tips to our growing ‘mums social circle’"

Natasha Challen

"My kids have got involved in more outdoor activities. It has been so easy to find out what is going on in our local area – And of course the fact that it’s free to use is fab!’"

Janet Robertson

"My son is learning to interact more with new children all the time"

Louise Smith

"Finally – a parenting website that’s not just for Mums"

Ben Hawkins

"We used to have to send paper notes back to parents. Playdates has really helped us cut down on print & paper waste – we’re more interactive with parents than ever before"

Esther /Playgroup Leader

Dorset, Hampshire, London, Essex, Kent, Devon, Cornwall, Yorkshire, etc..

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